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The glorious history of Rajputana was written on its back. Known for its incredible beauty, grace and loyalty – The ‘Marwari horse’ is one of the few indigenous breeds left in India.

First published: June 12, 2018, 12:43 PM IST | Updated: Yesterday
The glorious history of Rajputana was written on its back. Known for its incredible beauty, grace and loyalty – The ‘Marwari horse’ is one of the few indigenous breeds left in India. Deepak Khanna from takes us through 5 tips on buying the ultimate legendary horse. And also the need to preserve and protect this breed.

News Update

Date : 5th May 2018
Place : Shaurya Stud Farm , Kalol , District Gandhinagar , Gujrat , owned by Sh. Dhiren Kumar Patel.

First Media Interaction as a part of our Media Campaign.

We had a very fruitful and interactive session at the above address where Sh. Dhiren Kumar Patel, Sh. Dharmendra Patel and Sh. A K Jadeja ji interacted with the Media representatives from almost 15 media houses (Few from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi) and discussed all the aspects of Breeding and their demands from the Respective Government Authorities. This was well coordinated by our Media Cell chief Sh. Abhinav Sood. We are happy that such a large media from Print, Electronic and Internet showed up and supported us. More updates will be published soon.

Media also visited Shaurya Stud Farm, Jadeja Stud Farm , Patel Farm and AP stud farm .
Note : Sh. Parin Bhai Patel was not Available as he was abroad but his inputs were registered through Video calls.

List of Media Houses who came in for the conference are mentioned below:

  • Rajasthan Patrika
  • Sandesh
  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • Jai Hind
  • Marwar Mitra
  • MahaNagar Metro
  • Chak De GUJRAT
  • GB Ahmedabad
  • Pakko Gujrati
  • Gujrat Pranam
  • SpiceRoot Magazine
  • Humming Notes
  • IBN 7
  • Down to Earth

We as Horses of India are thankful to each one of You who were there and made this first Media interaction successful. 
Note : Media Reports will be Published in next post.
Committed to the cause !!
Team Horses Of India

Progressive Update :

21st April 2018, witnessed a Progressive Approach towards our mission of Taking our indigenous Horses Breeders towards a fruitful and new paradigm . Horses of India is Highly Thankful to Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) to have organised an exclusive event and Round table Conference on 21st April 2018 at Foreign Correspondents Club, New Delhi.

The highlights of the said event are mentioned as below :
1. Chamber inducted 8 Indigenous Breeders of Marwari and Nukra Breed as their official Members for a Period of 8 years and Certificates were issued during the event.
This would mean that all the Breeders inducted will be promoted by the Chamber and Horses of India (Official Consultant to Chamber) for the Business Activities to Discuss and work towards the Export of Indegeneous Horses by using the Chambers platform and Doing all kinds of activities with chambers representatives present in more than 100 countries which required for trade and Export of Horses.

2. A detailed plan was Discussed and Breeders were informed in detail.

3. Breed Experts were issued Official certificates who will be on Panel of Chamber to certify the stock of Horses regards to Marwari and Nukra Breed.

4. There was a total of 75 people who attended the event and were from different embassies and special invitees including Breeders from Rajasthan , Gujarat and Punjab.

Horses of India is highly Grateful to IICCI and Special word of thank to Shri Atul Kumar Saxena (President) Chamber of Commerce to have officially inducted our Esteemed and respected Breeders and bring them in the mainstream.

List of Breeders Inducted

1. A.P Studs (Ahmedabad)
Shri. Parin Bhai Patel

2. Patel Farms (Ahmedabad)
Shri. Dharmendra Bhai Patel

3. Shaurya Stud Farm (Ahmedabad)
Shri. Dhiren Kumar Patel

4. Jadeja Stud Farm ( Deesa, Gujrat)
Shri A.K Jadeja

5. Dhillon Stud Farm (Faridkot, Punjab)
Shri. KushalDeep Singh Dhillon

6. P. S Pehalwan Stud Farm (Karail)

7. Fateh Stud farm ( Ludhiana)
Shri Sukhvir Singh Jassar

8. K. C Stud (Peerkamria, Rajasthan)
Shri Krishan Chahar

Names of Breeders Inducted as Breed Experts

Shri Dharmendra Bhai Patel(Marwari Breed)

Shri Dhiren Kumar Patel(Marwari Breed)

Shri ParvinderPal Singh Brar (Pinder Sherewala)
(Marwari Breed)

Shri Amar Iqbal Singh Bhinder( Marwari breed)

Shri Jatinder Singh Bakarpur(Nukra Breed)

Website Launch through Press Conference - Dated: 14th Feb 2018