In making this portal, every detail is carefully planned and executed to create an equestrian community where horses thrive, riders perfect their skills, and lifetime relationships are built. Even our non-riding family members, from siblings to grandparents, can feel a part of it.

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Meet the Founder

Dear Friends and Equestrians,

I take the proud in being an Indian and what makes us proud of India is the Culture and Heritage which is as old as the Mother earth. Talking of history, we cannot overlook the contribution of The magnificent Indigenous Horses without whom the history would have been little different. Continuing the legacy of keeping horses for the pleasure, pride and passion, In the current era, we have thousands of homes which are home to these horses even today as we speak. is a small contribution from Alba Info Solutions LLP, to bring all horse lovers and breeders on a single Platform and showcase what we have in a comprehensive way and thru the help of best technical tools. We want the entire world to see and appreciate people of India who carry same enthusiasm about horses which their ancestors had even in the current times.


Hello, Fellow Equestrians

Kunal began his career in the hospitality Industry in 2013 at Bright Sparks Pvt. Ltd and since then there is no looking backwards. Currently he is heading the Operations at Alba InfoSolutions LLP as COO, the Team which is working very hard for the upliftment of Horses by enacting as a Consultant for Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Kunal is an enthusiastic individual who had pursued Bachelors in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Greenwich, London. Very passionate about being at the top of the career ladder. With his skills and determination, he had been able to overcome many challenges in past and looks forward to a challenging yet rewarding opportunities in times to come.